Individual Pool Stages Commenced



BISFed 2019 Hong Kong Boccia World Open commenced with BC1, BC2, BC3 and BC4 individual pool plays today (15 May) at Ma On Shan Sports Centre.

In BC1 individual pool events, Leung Mei Yee won the first match of Hong Kong by crushing her opponent, Malaysia player Lean Chin Kit 10-1. Great Britain’s David Smith demonstrated two comfortable victories over Chinese player and Hong Kong’s Chan Kam Chau. However, he lost to Thailand’s Natthawut Deemak 2-4 in a hard-fought match, with scoring in the first end only.

Hong Kong’s Yeung Hiu Lam defeated teammate John Loung 5-2 in BC2 individual pool event while Kwok Hoi Ying Karen finished her day one matches with 1-1 win-loss record. Worawut Saengampa from Thailand started strong and rolled over opponents from Greece and Malaysia.

Home player Ho Yuen Kei overcame players from Japan and Singapore to claim two consecutive wins while Tse Tak Wah ends his first competition day with 1-1 win-loss record. Greek athlete Grigorios Polychronidis took the first win comfortably over Canadian player. The next match was thrilling as he trailed 0-3 after three ends, he was able to tie the game in the last end and edge the extra end with better performance to take the game.

Hong Kong BC4 players Lau Wai Yan Vivian, Leung Yuk Wing and Wong Kwan Hang won athletes from Thailand, Croatia and Great Britain respectively in their first matches. Over the game against Japan’s Shunsuke Uchida, Colombia’s Euclides Grisales knotted the game at 2-2 and claimed his win in the tie-break.

The rest of the pool events continue tomorrow (16 May). Public are welcome to watch the fascinating matches for free at Ma On Shan Sports Centre. Latest news, competition results and live streaming will be available in this website or HKPC&SAPD Facebook page (