Thailand Dominated the Hong Kong World Open with Seven Medals

The World Open concluded today with Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong captured the gold medals of Team and Pairs events.

World No. 1 Thailand continued to impress in the BC1/BC2 Team event by rolling over the opponents at pools and elimination matches. The team stunned Japan 6-2 in the semi-final and beat China 6-4 to claim the gold. Japan narrowly defeated Hong Kong 6-5 in the bronze medal match.

 In the BC3 Pairs event, Japan took the 3-1 victory against world No. 2 Australia in the semi-final and held off Thailand with a narrow 3-2 victory to earn a gold. Australia managed to secure the bronze by winning Great Britain 5-3.

 The home favorite Hong Kong BC4 Pairs remained in great form throughout the matches. The pairing edged Great Britain at 5-1 in semi-finals and clinched a thrilling victory in the tie-break against Thailand. Great Britain thrashed China 6-1 to round off the podium.

 The host Hong Kong bagged a total of one gold, one silver and one bronze medals, while Thailand dominated and topped the medal tally with three gold, three silver and one bronze medals.